We Can’t Fill Another Cup if Ours is Empty to Begin With


Team No Sleep!

Hustle Hard!

Be a Lion!

These sayings along with their cousins and siblings are seen all over our beloved social media accounts, drilled into our heads by motivational speakers, and pounded into our subconscious as we find ourselves feeling guilty after getting that extra hour of sleep. These are in no way negative mantras to live by. However, it is important to find balance in the midst of grinding toward dreams and goals. By balance, I mean being able to enjoy life and take care of self in the midst of being a lion. Despite popular belief, it is very possible to work hard and still take care of you!

I probably don’t have anyone convinced that it is possible to live in a world where you can work hard and practice self care without it seeming like a chore. Welp, if you have just a few seconds (I’m lying…more like a few minutes) then I would love for you to keep reading. Consider this your first step to self-care. You’re welcome 🙂


  1. BE A CUP (Yes, that’s the best I could come up with-just keep reading)!

I betcha totally saw that one coming huh? Cup…title….you can’t fill a cup (crickets)…okay, let’s move on-eek!

Seriously though, consider that you are a cup and each of your goals, dreams, aspirations, dependent family members, spouses, and loved ones are their own separate cup. Each of these other cups need something from you and most likely that something is time and energy. So, imagine that your cup is full of time and energy. Now picture, all of the other cups sitting around you waiting to be filled. You fill these cups as you go throughout your day.

As you brainstorm a new way to attain a goal, you pour a little into that goals cup.

As you help your daughter with her homework and congratulate her on how well she did at the dance recital, you pour a little into her cup.

As you listen to your spouse talk about their day, you pour a little into his/her cup.

As you make dinner for the family- you pour a little into their cup.

As you create a new blog, and start implementing your new marketing plan [insert what applies to you]- you pour a little into that goals cup.

At the end of the day there is nothing in your cup. You find yourself feeling happy because everyone else is happy but you’re exhausted and must prepare to do the same thing all over again.

Many people hold the belief that you cannot become exhausted doing something that you love. That is untrue. We all love our families, and some of us like our jobs, but it can still become exhausting. This is where self-care comes in.

Being in the habit of imagining oneself as a cup can become a great guide in knowing when to take time to practice self-care. It is impossible to pour from one cup into another if both cups are empty. It is much like driving a car on E. When it has no more to give… get the point.

2  SPEND TIME ALONE (It is possible to be alone without being lonely)

Being alone gives the body time to reset. Here is what I mean when I say that it is possible to have balance when it comes to grinding and self-care.

For example: It is not uncommon that I find myself attempting to read and gain knowledge on a certain topic, only to be distracted by everyone’s needs and wants in my home. This is not a negative thing, but there are times when I have to dismiss myself from everything and get a change of scenery.

Simply being in nature is a way to add energy to a cup. Reading, brainstorming, or doing anything productive are all allowed. The work flow does not have to stop. Sometimes the change of scenery and a little nature are enough to make a person feel both rejuvenated and productive.


Ask yourself what it is that you like. Keep in mind that this does not have to be something huge.

As an example, some people love hot baths with those bath bomb majiggys. Dope! If that’s how you roll, then take time to do that for yourself.

Me personally, I love the smell of essential oil. I take the time to simply drop a few drops into my essential oil diffuser and go about my work day. Simply doing this because I love it is how I practice self-love. See how small that is!

Playing your favorite music as you work is a great way also.

In taking the time to do something simply because you like it and not because it has to be done helps to keep your cup full. It seems like a small gesture for self, but once you start to implement this into your work day you will see  exactly what I mean!

Even if what you like to do isn’t something that you can easily do while you work, that is okay. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking small fractions of time out of your day to do what it is that makes your soul smile! You have my permission-hope that counts. 🙂

4 SAY NO (Bruuuuuhhh…this one is my favorite!!!)

Many of us are in positions where there are a lot of people that need things from us. Many of these things are not in alignment with our purpose or goals. However, out of the kindness of our hearts we are constantly giving in to helping and or simply being there for other people.

Now, do not mistake what I am about to say for an excuse to be a bad friend. BE THERE FOR PEOPLE THAT HAVE BEEN THERE FOR YOU. However, there will come a time when you realize you don’t want to party tonight but you’re gonna go just because your friend is begging you. Say no!

You can be a good person, good friend, good whatever and still say no from time to time. Not everything that everyone needs is an emergency, and as previously stated YOU CAN’T POUR FROM ONE CUP INTO ANOTHER IF BOTH CUPS ARE EMPTY! If it is not in alignment with your purpose, is not in direct support of your loved ones, will not further yours or a loved ones career, or will not save a life, then fix your mouth to say no.

May seem harsh, but you’ll thank me later.

…so…you’re welcome 🙂

What are some things that you all do to maintain balance as you strive to reach your goals?