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November Reading (The Power Seat)!

Length of book: 155 pages

The Power Seat is a quick, yet thorough read for any woman looking to take hold of the power they possess. Throughout the text, Christina Nepstad does an amazing job at exposing opportunities for the reader to self-reflect and look internally when placed in positions that most would deem stressful or intimidating.

This book is for the woman who either needs to brush up, or completely learn new skills for interviewing, speaking in front of people, or talking about themselves to others. Nepstad sets the tone of the text very early on, as she describes the interview as an “inner-view”-guiding the reader along a path of self expression, and the courage to be themselves.

Nepstad does something in the text that most women do not learn in school. She not only teaches the reader how to ace any interview but she layers the lesson with gems of empowerment. Nepstad is not teaching the reader how to be someone else. Instead, she creates an atmosphere that allows you to take note of the tools you already possess; and then she shows you how to use them to your benefit.

This is a great gift book! I would recommend giving this book to the recent high school or college graduate in your life. Gift it to the woman currently job searching. Heck, give it to the most successful woman you know! I can promise you there is a gem in there for every woman in a powerful position or looking to be in one.