PART 5: The Importance of Defining and Stepping Into Your Purpose

We made it to the last part of the blog series!!! The beautiful thing about this part is that all of the gems you have been receiving thus far were all to make this last step a piece of cake for you!

This blog will be broken down into two sections, as I cover how to redefine your purpose and then how to step into it.

Defining Your Purpose

At the start of this blog series, we talked about the importance of solitude and making time for yourself. This is where it all pays off! In spending time alone and listening to your thoughts, you should have started to hear a little voice. Guess what?? That voice belongs to you!

You will forever have that voice and it will continue to guide the decisions you make while on this journey.

This voice is muffled when we are not proactive in spending time alone. This is why I stressed the importance of getting time alone every day. The more time you spend alone, the more you will notice that this voice is defining and redefining your purpose.

Finding your purpose in this life seems like something really far fetched and fantasy-like to some people. Those people have not figured out what their purpose is yet.

A great way to initiate discovering you purpose is to make a list of things that you are really good at. Put a star by the things that you are naturally good at.

Spend time alone with this list and meditate on how all of your talents can help serve yourself and those around you. Your purpose lies in the gifts that you have gained in this lifetime or were present with at birth. Your gifts tie directly into your purpose.

No blog will be able to tell you directly what your purpose is in life, because it is different for everyone. However, the mission of this post is to help you find ways to figure out your purpose on your own.

It is important to note that sometimes your gifts are used as a vehicle to your purpose. For example, I am an actor. Though that was a gift, acting is not my purpose. My purpose is to inspire mass amounts of people. Acting is simply my vehicle to be able to do so. Acting allows me to be around many people from all walks of life. So even though it is not my purpose, it is serving as the vehicle to help me get closer to my purpose.

Your purpose lies in your gifts. That is as simple as I can make it. You have to meditate on and use your gifts in order to move closer to your purpose.

If this is something you would like more guidance on, I am more than happy to help you personally. Feel free to shoot me an email.

Now, onto….

Stepping Into Your Purpose

Once you feel you have defined your purpose, you have to dedicate your life to achieving it. I know it sounds really intense, but that is where you will find true joy. Happiness is fleeting. It will come and go, just as the seasons change. Joy- it cannot be given to you, and it cannot be taken away.

Your joy will come from living out your purpose and doing what you were placed here to do.

There will be many naysayers when you start living out your purpose. Keep stepping.

People will not understand at first. Keep stepping.

It will not always be easy. Keep stepping.

When your life is driven by purpose, it is impossible to fail. That’s because failures don’t look like failure anymore. Instead, they appear as lessons and another chance to get it right.

Purpose changes your perception, and your attitude.

When you figure out what your purpose is, step into it and never look back. It is what will drive your success, and will encourage you day after day.

As mentioned before, purpose is such a personal topic. I can talk in general about purpose all day, but only you will be able to understand and figure out what your purpose is.

I encourage you to go back and reread the series and use all of the advice to get closer to your purpose.

Shoot me an email, and let me know how it goes!

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