PART 4: The Importance of YOU Fulfilling YOU!

We are almost done with the blog series!!!!
Welcome to part 4/5-The Importance of YOU Fulfilling YOU!

So far we have been practicing solitude, stepping away from things and people that do not serve our purposes, and telling people noooooo! Great work, and I am truly proud of all of YOU. This next part is one many tend to find rather difficult; getting it through their skulls that no one other than YOU can make YOU successful, great, happy, rich, free, healthy, and so on and so forth.

Wondering why I keep capitalizing YOU! One simple reason…YOU and only YOU are in charge of YOUr destiny. It is no one else’s responsibility and no one owes YOU anything. 

The sooner YOU make that realization and fully understand it, the sooner YOU will get to where YOU are trying to go. 

It is up to YOU to create opportunities for YOUrself . It is up to YOU to create moments of happiness for YOUrself. If YOU are unhappy, it is because YOU have allowed YOUrself to feel that way. The question is, what are YOU going to do about it? Are YOU going to separate YOUrself from the situation and/or people that YOU allowed to make YOU feel unhappy, or are YOU going to stay in the situation and continue going in circles?

I hope by now YOU are understanding where I am going with this. 

This even applies to people that are still holding on to issues and pain from childhood. I won’t get specific, but we all know someone like this or are someone like this. Hear me and hear me good! It is no one’s responsibility but YOUrs to heal YOU from childhood trauma, pain, hurt, etc. 

If I walk up to YOU and punch YOU in the face, YOU will bruise. Are YOU going to expect me to bring YOU an ice pack, aloe-vera or add heat to YOUr bruise in order to boost circulation and increase blood flow? I sure hope not. 

It is now up to YOU to figure out what to do so that YOUr face can heal. I may or may not apologize and show remorse, but YOU are still in charge of YOUr face healing. 

Let’s make this clear. I’m wrong for punching YOU in the face, there is no doubt about that. However, if YOU do not want to walk around with a black eye for the next month, then YOU should start the healing process. Do YOU see where I am going with this? Either YOU can walk around with a black eye forever (yea, I know black eyes don’t last forever-just play along) or YOU can heal yourself in order to continue moving toward YOUr purpose.

What’s interesting about a bruise is that some people will put makeup over it and go outside. When people look at them, they look healed but they really aren’t. 

Are YOU really healed or are YOU putting makeup on YOUr wounds?

The funny thing about bruises is that all of the healing happens on the inside. So, even if YOU put ice on the outside of the bruise, the majority of the healing takes places within! YOU can put a ski mask over YOUr face, YOU can buy the dopest foundation on the market, or the fattest pair of sunglasses YOU can find to cover up the bruise. BUT IT WILL STILL BE THERE! Why? Because healing happens from within.

YOU are in charge of this process, and if it does not happen from within (solitude, separation, saying no to make time for YOU) then the process will forever be delayed.

If YOU do not take charge of creating and shaping YOUr destiny, others will forever control YOUr narrative. Don’t let it happen!

I hope this 4th blog in the series has benefited YOU in some way! I can’t wait to wrap this thing up with a powerful 5th blog! 

If YOU haven’t gotten caught up, take a little time and read the previous blogs in the series.

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Until next time, keep being great peeps 🙂