PART 2: The Importance of Solitude

Hopefully you have all used your time wisely in between blog posts. Last blog, we chatted about stepping away. If you have not had a chance to read and implement the suggestions from that blog, I encourage you skip this one for now and read the prior blog. The reason being, I am purposely writing this in an order that I feel will be of value to you. By following this blog and practicing the challenges in order, you increase the chances of reaching the goals you set for yourself upon deciding to read this blog series.

Okay! I assume if you are this far into this post, you are all caught up on the previous reading in the series. My hope is that you have had the chance to not only read but to actually start implementing the lessons learned in The Importance of Stepping Away. If you have, then this blog will be that much more beneficial to you.

Here we go!

Solitude! Yassssss! This word excites me. Such an interesting word solitude is. A single word that makes some rejoice and others cringe at the mere thought of it. If you have a hard time vybing in solitude, it may be because there is a glitch when it comes to being alone and being lonely. They are different, my friend.

Alone is a state. Lonely is a feeling. Being alone does not have to equate to being lonely. In order to implement the next few steps I will list, it is important to first reprogram your mind to the fact that alone and lonely are two different things. After you have gained this understanding, feel free to continue the reading.

Solitude is necessary in order to reflect and see yourself for who you truly are. Being in solitude can change your life. So, even if you choose to not implement any of the other steps in this series, this step alone will be of great benefit to you! Here are 3 things that happen in your life when a moment of solitude becomes a daily practice.

  1. You Start to Recognize Your Voice: If you remember, in the first series we talked about stepping away from negative people and situations that are not in alignment with our purpose. If you have done this, then you should already be experiencing a clear mental space. Being in solitude will amplify this. While spending time alone, the mind does something miraculous; it begins to listen to itself. It gets an opportunity to truly decipher how it (you) feels about the things you are encountering daily. This is not easily done when surrounded by others because their voices, experiences and opinions are constantly being projected. Solitude is how you get to know yourself and come into alignment with who you are on a deeper level. Solitude is a great time to work through problems, discover solutions, and strategize.
  2. Your Brain Will Reboot: Ever have those days when it seems like you just keep going and going? It’s like running on autopilot-not thinking about future tasks, but instead plowing through them one after another. Being in solitude is the answer to this problem…because yea, it is a problem. Running on autopilot means your brain does not get a chance to shut off. This results in the failure to clearly think about decisions. One way to recognize if this is an issue is if you are constantly busy throughout the day, but at the end of the day you do not feel productive. Taking time to yourself allows your brain to purposefully plan your day. Resulting in prioritizing and productivity. You have to be proactive about the goals you set in life. When you spend time alone, you allow yourself to acknowledge those goals and put a plan in place to ensure they are reached. It is very easy to set a goal and then look up a few months later and realize there has been no headway made toward the completion of the goal. We have all been there. Spend some time alone and make a plan. Spend time alone and figure out your why. Spend time alone and allow your brain to reset so that you can better concentrate and increase productivity.
  3. Solitude Strengthens Relationships: If you have read my blog about filling your own cup then you already know where I am going with this. Spending time alone will allow you to not only value the relationships you already have with others but will also make you more aware of those you decide to allow into your circle. Solitude is your way of filling your cup, so that you can pour into the lives of those you love and care for. Solitude is a form of self-love, people. The practice of self-love is the core to all positive relationships! *Drops mic*


I challenge you to be purposeful in creating a moment of solitude for yourself each day. If you are already telling yourself that you do not have time for solitude, then you are telling yourself you do not have time for more quality in your life. Give yourself the chance to see what could happen if you woke up 30 minutes earlier than usual in order to give yourself this much needed time. Not only will you start thinking clearer, but your days will be more productive and you will notice yourself starting to walk into your purpose.

If you have been following along in the series, you should be at a place where you have or are in the process of stepping away from negative people and situations. Add this layer of solitude and see what happens!

Don’t forget to use #heyrubylee to tell me about your plan for solitude and keep me up to date on how stepping away has been working out for you!