New Year Not Feeling New?

This is a very interesting time of year. Mainly because most of us spent the week before last writing all of our goals and deciding what we would do differently this year. What makes this time of year so interesting is the fact that many people are already starting to get discouraged. You had big dreams and expectations in place for yourself and you are already feeling the pressure, which creates the urge to give up. It makes you question your goals and abilities to succeed.

Let me be the first to tell you that if you are already struggling to get in alignment with the goals you set for yourself YOU ARE NORMAL! It is normal to struggle, and mess up when deciding to change your life. Change is not meant to be comfortable and it never will be. If you are feeling uncomfortable, there is a chance you may be doing something right.

What I want to do for you is provide you with 3 tips to not fall into the same trap many of us did last year. We all know the trap. The one where we become convinced that we are ready for change in the new year, then all of a sudden life punches us in the face and we question whether change is for us.

The goal of this blog is to stop you from moving backwards. Let 2019 be about progression and consistency. Stop quitting just because you made a mistake. So what if it is the beginning of the year and you already “messed up”. Who cares? Tomorrow is a new day, and if you focus on making today better than yesterday, so many doors will open for you as the year progresses. But if you quit, you will forever be stuck in the same place year after year.

If we get as excited about the new day as we do about the new year, imagine how much more motivated we would be to reach our goals and dreams. Throw yesterday away and focus on the now. What can you do in the “right now” to get you closer to your goals and dreams? Not sure? Welp, that’s what I am here for. I’ve given you a head start below as I have listed 3 ways to push through the inevitable setbacks you will face on the way to your dreams and goals.


Many of us continue to get slapped with setback after setback because we continue to pass up opportunities that are placed in front of us, clear as day.

Many of you pass up on an opportunity when it requires commitment, hard work, or an investment. It’s sad actually, like really sad. I hear so many people declare the want for change and something different, but they don’t really want it. They want someone to hand them something. They want someone to give them something. I need  you to understand this as you walk into the first week of 2019, NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING. The sooner you get that through your mind, the sooner you can start moving in the right direction toward your goals.

An opportunity is put in place for you to work toward it. An opportunity is not me giving you money, but me teaching you how to make money. An opportunity is not me fighting all of your battles, but instead teaching you how to heal and move forward. I truly hope this resonates with someone because there is so much passion behind my typing right now.

Make the decision to explore opportunities for success and check yourself when you find yourself expecting a hand out. If you are waiting for success to just happen to you, you will look up and be 80 with nothing to show for your time on this planet. On the other hand, if you are willing to fight the world for your dreams, and get up and grind as if today was the only day that mattered, you will be so surprised at what you can achieve.


This is my husband’s favorite saying. He is a show me person. He won’t believe you until you show him, and I am a show me person in the way that I do not talk about my goals and dreams to many people.  Be a show me person with your goals. Be a show me person with your dreams. Telling small minded people your dreams is a waste of your precious time and breath. Chances are, the people that have negative things to say about your goals have never been successful at anything in life.

Like, really think about that the next time someone decides to shit on your dreams. Take a step back and ask yourself if they are even good enough to talk down on what it is you want to accomplish. How are you going to let someone that has worked a 9-5 their entire life tell you that your goals of being a business owner are unattainable? Your goals aren’t unattainable. You just think they are because you keep surrounding yourself with small minded people who do not deserve to hear you utter your dreams and goals to them. What are you trying to prove to them by telling them anyway? Be a show me person.

You do not have to tell everyone your goals and dreams. Just get to work and let them look up one day and see how successful you are. The time you spend trying to convince someone that your dreams are legit, you could have spent building your empire. Less talk. More doing. Can’t simplify it any more than that!


Every minute is fresh. Every moment is new. Why are you waiting on Monday to start the new diet, the new business, etc. ? Why do you need to wait until the first of the month to work on your business idea? Why the heck do you feel as though you have to wait until Jan 1 of every year to flick a switch and declare being a new person. 1 second just passed. Is that not enough? Another moment just passed you by. Why is that not enough? Time does not and will never wait for you, so why are you waiting for it in order to make a change?

Time doesn’t say “let me wait until ol’ girl wakes up before I let the sun come up”. Nope, the sun comes up at the same time every morning whether you wake up on time or not. It does not care if you want to sleep in, the sun is going to rise. So why are you waiting on Monday to start? Why do you need a new year to start? YOU DON’T.

If you want something, start now. Not tomorrow, not in the morning, not on your birthday. Start now!

It is so easy to get discouraged at the beginning of the year. Heck, it’s easy to get discouraged at the end of the year. Everyone on social media is looking like they live a perfect life. Everyone is declaring their goals, and you can’t even figure out what you want for lunch. I get it. I’ve been there. At the end of the year, I had a hard time setting goals for myself. To be honest 2018 seemed like a blur for me, and if I am going to be real, I did not feel as though I accomplished much in 2018. As a result, I was discouraged at the end of the year and went into the new year partially depressed and searching.

I share this to make sure you know that you are not alone. If you are starting the new year and feel like it is already off to a rocky start, that is not uncommon. Do not feel alone, or as though the year is already ruined for you. Eff a “new year, new me”. What helps me is simply focusing on the next best thing. “What is the next best thing I can do to get me to my goal, or through the day?” If you just focus on the next best thing you will look up and your goal will be within arms reach.

It will not be easy, and I will not lie and tell you it is. But what I can tell you is that it is worth it. Focus on gradual growth. Perfection is not necessary. However, it is your duty to grow. It is your responsibility to succeed. You got this. I believe in you, and I am here for you. One step at a time. One. Step. At. A. Time.

-Queen Ruby