Change Your Mind, Change Your World

At this moment, everything that surrounds you is a product of the power you possess. At this very moment, the fact that you are reading this is because you manifested it into your life.

We are all in charge of our lives, and I want to help you learn to harness the power you possess so that it benefits you! We are so powerful and unfortunately it is because of this power that we sometimes find ourselves in icky situations.
For example, if you are the type to believe that “men ain’t sh**” then you will continue to attract those “ain’t sh**” men into your life. Same goes for you too fellas! When we make up our mind that others in our world are no good, foul, untrustworthy, etc. – we continually attract those toxic people and relationships into our lives.

We have to get into the habit of not allowing past situations, relationships and experiences to shape our current reality. This scenario applies to multiple situations, not just relationships. Having all of this power can be a little scary to think about. I know it was for me when I first realized that I was the cause of everything that was happening to me.
However, as soon as I actively chose to take responsibility for everything that was happening to me in life, I truly began to harness my power and create a reality for me that I truly deserved. You can do this to. When I wake up in the morning, I make it a point to tell myself that it will be a magnificent day. When things start to get a little rocky during the day, I take to my gratitude journal and simply begin to write all of the things that I am grateful for. Doing this allows me to take a second and reprogram my mind. Taking 2-3 minutes out of my day to do this makes a world of difference and most times allows me to see that the day is not as bad as I originally perceived.

As far as the people that we attract into our lives, we have to make sure that we are possessing the characteristics and morals of those that we wish to spend time in our energy. When we constantly put out positive energy, positive thoughts, and goodwill we attract people into our life that are meant to be in our life.

If you look up and realize that the last handful of friends/lovers/buddies, whatever that were in your life belong on the “ain’t sh**” list; then it may be time to reflect on what is going on inside of you! This does not mean that you belong on the “ain’t sh**” list. However, it could mean that you are possessing a few qualities that continue to attract those people into your life.
Moral of the story: LOOK WITHIN! When bad things continue to happen over and over we have to challenge ourselves to first look within for the problem! The answer usually lies in silence, solitude, meditation, reflecting, and drinking water.