A veteran, mother, wife, actor, director, playwright, creator and so much more – Ruby is here to share knowledge, make you laugh and to simply remind you that she is here…for you! 1/2 of the film company Life After Life Films, she has experience not only being in front of the camera but behind it as well. Ruby holds a Bachelor of Art in Media Production from the University of Houston and has also appeared in multiple projects across many forms of media.

Her most most popular roles are as Michelle in the Here TV series “Falling for Angels”, and she is also known for her role as Kish in the feature film, “Soft Matter”. Ruby lives in Los Angeles, CA and plans to change the world through her art. Ruby can also be seen in the latest Musically commercial, Ascension Healthcare, USO: Force Behind the Forces PSA, and so much more.

This page serves many purposes. For those looking to book Ruby feel free to click the menu tab titled “Bookings/Casting Directors”. For those that are interested in reading Ruby’s blog where she talks about inspiration, monetizing your art, creating film/ other art forms, and so much more go right ahead and click the menu title labeled “Blog”. All resources, websites, and any other tools mentioned in the blog can be found under the “Resources” tab. Just want to say “hi”? Then head on over to the “Contact” tab and type away. Ruby loves receiving messages, questions, comments, tips, ideas for blogs, and whatever else pops into y’alls heads-let’s keep the energy positive though! 😉

I hope that something here fulfills you, makes you think, or simply allows you to learn more about Ruby than you previously knew!

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